Some of the Weirdest Online Gambling you will ever come to Know

Online gambling is on the rise and people from every corner of the world are taking wide interest in this popular game. Online gambling is nothing new but there are some weirdest online gambling stories that can leave you laughing. Did you now a Liverpool fan few years back betted that he will tattoo his manhood if Liverpool wins the title. Not only these, there are several other weirdest of sporting bets that can bring a laugh on your face.

Man bets wife and house on Arsenal win

Did you know couple of years back United’s 1-0 win over Arsenal cost one of its diehard fan house and his wife? It is something that took many by surprise when Arsenal fan staked his house and wife in a big betting with Manchester United. The story is from Uganda and this news was published in a local newspaper that year. As per promise the Arsenal fan left his house and wife the very next day after team’s loss.

Wrong drinking contest

In September couple of years back a football fan gambled to drink his own urine if the team he was supporting wins the match. This weird online gambling story is form America when the football enthusiasts bet his favorite team on halftime. As per the promise, the individual posted a video where he was seen drinking urine on a cup. Later the fan claimed that it was just a stunt, but it is quiet expectable that it was said to hold off some grief.

Girl Strips off after come-back

Weather girl stripped off her dress on television when France qualified for the world cup final. Before the start of the game the girl bet and at the end she ended up on the losing side. As per the bet she stripped and it was shown on television. Weird people and their weirdest of bets!

Football fan makes 500 mile journey

Few years back a Bosnian fan walked 500 miles to Munich after his team won a match. He started walking form his hometown Bugojno to Munich when his favorite team won the Champions League way back in the year 2012-13. The fan as per this wired bet walked through Croatia, Bosnia, Austria, Slovenia and Germany before visiting the destination. At the end he was seen saying it was his respect for the team who won titles for them.

Cheeky tattoo of Tennis fans After Andy Murray’s win

Andy Murrays Wimbledon win saw a tribute from his diehard fan. Before the start of the match the fan gambled that if Murray wins the match he will tattoo his face on the bum. As per promise the fan was seen tattooing Andy Murrays picture in his ass. He claims that it was a proud moment for him, definitely weirdest of bets for sure.

There are numerous such instances or cases when individuals are seen putting weirdest of bets and at the end keeping it, interesting and funny for all readers!