What’s the Future of Online Gambling?

What’s the Future of Online Gambling?

Online gambling continues to break new records year after year and not just financial records but its reach, operation, and a couple of other aspects. For instance, today, well over 80 countries have legalized gambling business.

Financially speaking, revenues from gambling shot up by over 10% in countries that have legalized online casinos. Even more interesting, betting together virtual casinos account for over 70% of the revenues generated from online gambling platforms.

Technavio predicts that by 2020, the revenues will be way over $60 billion. Looking at all these information, one can’t help but notice how the future looks promising for online gambling.

You may not have given it thought yet but there’s just so much to change your mind and win you over to this magical act.

Young and Female Gamblers on the rise.

Remote gambling has given rise to so many things. Land-based casinos have had their list of shortcomings, including segregation. Many see them as a reserve of middle-aged to aged individuals and that’s something online gambling took good care of.

Presently, at least one-third of those aged between 18-24 admit to developing an interest in online gambling after being influenced by social media and luring adverts.

This, perhaps, explains why, as late as 2017, the number of female players and individuals of a younger age taking part in online gambling has been on the rise. 888 ladies, Pink Casino, and a few others are examples of online casinos set up exclusively for female players. The majority are under 35.

As a female looking to discover a new pastime or fun activity to do in your spare time, online gambling presents a great opportunity.

Playing Made Easier Through Social Platforms

Almost everyone owns a smartphone and/or tablet and this has made it possible for anyone to gamble from anywhere at any time provided they have a mobile phone.

Better still, some online gaming companies have had developers create mobile apps for gambling.

Social gambling is also a byproduct of this development. It’s now also possible to compete with or play alongside your friends which makes the whole experience even more fun.

As far as mobile-friendly gambling goes, MobileCasinoParty, a leading US online gambling platform, sets the pace. As a smartphone user, you can never regret a moment on this site.

Alternative Payment Methods

We all know payment is a big deal. Users have different preferences. Card payments and the use of cryptocurrencies is one thing the majority look out for. Due to certain restrictions in some countries, online gambling presents an opportunity for users to access barred resources provided they have debit and credit cards.

Some countries such as the UK have already legalized the use of Cryptocurrencies. Many prefer it for different reasons, the most common being that it’s free from fraud and manipulation.

Leading online casinos have already adjusted to this new development and as a user looking for alternative currency payment systems may be due to your location or for other reasons, platforms such as the earlier mentioned MobileCasionParty make it easier for you to go about your gambling.

There’s a plenty of other new developments such as improved network security and new marketing tools all of which make participation in online gambling an experience of sorts.

Looking at the next few years, one will only have themselves to blame when everyone will be into online gambling and reaping great benefits out of it.